Donnerstag, 14. Juni 2007

You have all been there

And you all know what I´m talking about. You remember those hot days at school, behind the swimmhall, on the basketball court, and you remember climbing that hill, and the smell of it all.

I remember satudays and sundays, in the morning, lying in bed, awake, not eager to begin the day. I remember the cereal breakfasts at 8 AM alone in front of the tube, switching channels, playing with my pets, lying on the grass, trying not to be too bored, wondering what would become of me.Would I be good, would I end up in jail, would I do the same things my parents do?
I laid there, remembering as I do today, remembering my early childhood.
I didn´t really expect anything, just as I do today, and deep down you kind of have the feeling that you're following blueprints, and you're not you're own, merely a victim of time.
If you figure it out, please play it to this.
Histories of ages past
Unentlightened shadows cast
Down thru all eternity
The crying of humanity
Just then when the hurdy gurdy man
Comes singing songs of love
Then when the hurdy gurdy man
Comes singing songs of love
Don't feel bad for wanting to drive up all night to where it´s cold, where in mornings you found things in bags, where you experienced a world so condenced and yet so large.
I spend hours now picturing myself when I´m old and I can't help but asking myself if all this dark secrets will surface or will sink me with them.
I'm just like you, a reflection, gazing with tranquility.

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